ETS 2021. Baptists and Freemasonry

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My ETS paper — Baptists and Freemasonry, A Conflicted History. I am reading this in Ft Worth on Tuesday, at 9AM.

Baptists and Freemasonry 11-16




Jeff Straub

Jeff Straub

Church Historian

Jeff is an experienced professor of Christian history and theology. In 1990, the Lord gave Jeff and his wife a wonderful son who has special needs. Due to issues related to the pandemic, Jeff has had to curtail his travel plans to concentrate his energies on loving his wife and son. When things change, Jeff hopes to again travel internationally to train Christian leaders. He continues to publish in the field of American religion. Research interests include Baptists and slavery, racism, and freemasonry as well as Pentecostalism, and global Christianity. Jeff has taught around the world including Canada where he resided with his family for his first nineteen years of ministry; Romania, Russia and the Ukraine in Europe; India and a limited access country in Asia; as well as Zambia and Kenya in Africa. He also speaks in US churches as the opportunities arise.

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  1. Jeff

    The comments are closed regarding Freemasonry. I see significant problems with secret societies but do not wish to debate their virtues or vices here.


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